Prince's Trust residential

Progression through the week     Above and below ground.     Indoors and out.

The week starts easily, focussing on activities which don't require significant team work, such as an abseil, which will test individual commitment and mutual support. As the week progresses the activities become more involved. Activities such as caving will develop team spirit, collective commitment and confidence whilst rock climbing would require effective communication and mutual trust. At the end of the week, an activity such as improvised raft building or tyrolean traverse will require planning, organisation, time management and real team work. The final evening's activity allows the team to reflect on their successes and plan how to improve and gives them a reminder during the rest of the course about how far they have progressed during the week.

We aim to be flexible, so team leaders can request or decline activities that they think will work best for their team. Whilst we plan activities according to safety considerations we also take into account the weather. We don't go for a hill day in the pouring rain just because it's on the plan when we could climb indoors instead.

Part of the young persons preparation for work are things that are incidental to the activities. Having a residential that is self catering provides valuable skills, especially for those who don't normally cook or clean for themselves. Punctual time keeping is also encouraged and related to the workplace. Activities are preceded by a risk assessment that is run by the young people. As important as the activities is the daily review, easy to start with and focusing on the teams achievements and failings and culminating in an intense personal review on the last night.

Conflicts within the group are inevitable, either through personality clashes, failure to complete a task, tiredness or any other myriad reasons. These provide an important opportunity to practice conflict resolution, be tolerant and to learn to understand and value differences.

Along with the hard work, team building, pushing personal limits and learning new skills, we aim to make the residential as much fun as possible. A sense of humour is vital!

We offer the following activities:
  • Rock climbing and abseiling, indoors and outside

  • Caving and potholing

  • Hill walking and navigation.

  • Ghyll scrambling.

  • Improvised raft and canoe raft building.

  • Orienteering

  • Weasling

  • Problem solving

  • Bushcraft