Mountain Bike Navigation Skills

Put the mountain back into mountain biking - learn how to map read and ride in our mountains safely with our bespoke courses.

Want to learn how to read a map?
Want to brush up on your skills before your MTB leaders assessment?

Trail centres are fantastic but they aren't quite as good as the real thing. The British mountains have some awesome riding available but to do it safely you need to be able to read a map, plan your route and make the correct decisions when on the hill. Rough Edges can teach you these skills and open up a whole new world of mountain biking.

GPS units are great but there's nothing quite like planning your route on a real map, one that doesn't require batteries and lets you see everywhere you'll be riding rather than a tiny part of it. Being able to read a map is easier than most people think but it is a skill with distinct techniques that requires practice.

Even though the mountains in Britain are relatively small they can still be serious places to visit. Couple this with our weather, some of the most changeable in the world, and route planning, kit selection and good decision making can mean the difference between an adventure and an epic.

Our aim is to teach you all the map reading and mountain safety skills required to mountain bike safely in the UK. We don't have any set courses, we tailor the process to what you require. It can be one, two or more days long, a short refresher course or starting from scratch. We focus on map reading and mountain safety but if you also require in depth first aid training or on the trail mountain bike repair skills we can arrange this as well.

You will require enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and probably a waterproof jacket! You will learn nearly everything whilst out on a great bike ride in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales so please ensure that your own mountain bike is fit for purpose. Have you ridden in the Dales so much that you don't need to map read? Then we can go to the Lakes or the Peak instead. There are no set courses or contents, we tailor each day to what you need.

Please get in touch for further details and prices.