Prince's Trust residential

Why Rough Edges?      
Experience. Enthusiasm. Expertise.

We keep our programme simple and flexible so that we can easily respond to the weather, safety considerations and the needs of the team and team leaders. We only use experienced staff who are enthusiastic and motivated about working with young people and who work on their soft skills as well as their hard skills.

We understand the difficulties that teams and team leaders encounter and we offer an involved, active support role. We encourage team leaders and instructors to discuss individual team members so that we can better understand their hopes and fears and therefore help them to develop.

Why the Yorkshire Dales?

We can provide the Prince's Trust residential in other areas, particularly the Peak District, but our preference is in the Yorkshire Dales.

We are based in the Dales, but not by chance. All national parks are beautiful and they all have opportunities for a successful residential but the Dales seems that bit less busy, that bit more untouched. The caving is second to none in the UK and provides caves suitable for all abilities. The gritstone capped mountains and limestone pavements ensure a beautiful and varied landscape, full of cliffs, rivers, waterfalls and fantastic views.

There is a wide range of suitable accommodation available for rent that will suit all budgets and group sizes. Rough Edges have used or visited all these bunkhouses and can advise on which one best suits your needs.