Outdoor adventure activities are seen as dangerous, extreme sports by people who don't participate in them. This can be true and there is an inherent risk in all activities, but with the use of well practised skills, experience and judgement, these activities can be safely and enjoyable participated in. Our expertise is to use our skills and experience to manage the risk in accordance with the ability of the participant. We are fully committed to this.

Rough Edges produces written risk assessments for each activity we do and this is allied with our experienced instructors conducting dynamic risk assessments during the activities. This two stage system is flexible and comprehensive.

All of our instructors have been involved in various outdoor pursuits for many years and are committed to a career in the outdoors and their own professional development.

Rough Edges is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Service as licensed to provide specified activities under the following headings: climbing, caving, trekking and watersports. Licence details can be confirmed by calling The Licensing Service on 029 2075 5715. Alternatively write to The Adventure Activities Licensing Service, 44 Lambourne Crescent, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5GG. Or email or go to
Our Registration number is R9128/R1918.

Rough Edges is insured with British Activity Insurance Services (BAHIS) for employer's liability, public liability and products liability. A copy of our insurance certificate can be seen here.