"The whole residential was brilliant and I think that next year's year 6 will love it as much as we did."J, year 6, Misson primary School, summer 2016

"Thank you for making my last residential so memorable and thanks for being an amazing instructor with a decent sense of humour and a beard. Thank you so much." FN, year 6, Misson Primary School, summer 2016

Hi Jon

Just a quick message to say thanks again for everything on Sunday, you did really well to put up with my incessant moaning without jumping of the mountain J Everyone involved mentioned that you were a really good sport and it was great to have you with us!! " AJ Outreach Worker for Deafness Resource Centre. August 2016

"Very supportive staff, encouraged students with quite complex needs, responded well to them and very helpful to us." EC, Prince's Trust Team Leader, Hull College

Thank you very much for the excellent work you did over the weekend, the children really enjoyed the diverse range of outdoor activities and the gorge scramble was excellent (though freezing!)  We had some very tired children on Monday evening." SM, Heath Mount School, June 2015
"I know you're exhausted and covered in bruises but never forget what a great time you had." Prince's Trust Team member in a postcard to her self, May 2014

"I abseiled, rock climbed, made friends, got stuck, conquered fears, caved, river gill walk, played team games and found friends for life."
Prince's Trust Team member in an postcard to her self, May 2014

I really enjoyed this residential, it's built up my confidence and allowed all of us to work better as a team and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity." Prince's Trust Team Member, in an postcard to himself, May 2014

"The residential in Ingleton this week has been immense. I'm proud of myself for pushing myself and completing every activity including abseiling and ghyll scrambling. My favourite part was caving in complete darkness and getting soaked. We've also become like a little family, it's great!" Prince's Trust Team Member, in an postcard to herself, May 2014

"@Rough_Edges_Jon Thanks jon and dan for a good experience and all the activities loved it #happysmilingperson :)" 
AB, Prince's Trust Team member, via Twitter, June 2013

"Thanks @Rough_Edges_Jon for an excellent residential with lots of top new activities. Abseil was the best by far...c ya in another 3months"

JS, Prince's Trust Team Leader, June 2013, via Twitter

"The residentials were of great benefit to me and it provided an ideal opportunity to bond with the young people and staff alike. The delivery partners Rough Edges were also a great source of education and again are very much in tune with the ethos of the Princes Trust." 

JB, Social Work Student, April 2013, in feedback to Groundwork at the end of her placement.

"Whilst on this residential I have confronted my fear of heights and realised that only by giving things a go will you realise your true potential" 
DH, November 2012, in a postcard to himself.

"To John and Dan, Thank you both so much for the week with Princes Trust Team.  Have had an amazing time with lots of fun and laughs.  The week really helped me both bond with the group and learn more about myself.  The way in which the week is delivered in conjunction with Jill and Adam blew me away about how well it worked.  The massive amount of progress made by the Team members especially in gaining confidence was fabulous to see.  Its really set me up for a positive University Work Placement and helped me to get to know the Team in a short space of time.  I really hope I get to come on another residential and work with you both again.  I have lots to learn and I feel its good to gain experience from people you admire, including Jill and Adam as I think together it all works great.  Again thank you for helping me to overcome a few fears and apprehensions I had, including working with young people ha ha!!" 
JB, Social Work Student, October 2012

"Just keep remembering that you can do things that you thought not possible and you can help others that are less fortunate." DM, Prince's Trust Team member, October 2012, in a postcard to herself.

"The week I have spent in North Yorkshire has helped me understand who I am" 
CG, Prince's Trust Team member, October 2012, in a postcard to herself.

"Good delivery of session, good with group, clear on instructions and constructive criticism." 
SD, Prince's Trust Team Leader, July 2012.

"Mike was very flexible and approachable. He built appropriate relations with team members to help encourage them out of their comfort zones." 
WK, Prince's Trust Team Leader, June 2012.

"Successful resi with instant positive outcomes (applicants for climbing centre membership from 2 lads who previously had no positive hobbies and another 3 who have realised they can drastically reduce their drug intake and are now seeing additional support from drug / alcohol outreach workers, with a view to quitting drugs all together.) No one quit, no one got sent home. Plenty of laughs. Great week." 
JE, Senior Team Leader, June 2012.

"I wanted to thank you for the brilliant time I had on the residential the other week.
..an awesome week filled with laughs..
I found both you and Dan to be excellent, both supportive and motivational - pushing in the right way with the right amount of "force"." 
CK, Prince's Trust Manager, June 2012

"The input from you and Dan during reviews is really helpful for me. There is flexibility with which review to use, depending on the team and any relevant issues.  Sometimes you and Dan pick up on things that I have missed.  Dan was good at helping me calm volatile behaviour and putting things into perspective." 
JE, Prince's Trust Team leader, March 2012

"All the activities and sessions were excellently organised and delivered, safe and fun, giving everyone the chance to have a go and challenge themselves and help build the team. Very impressed, thanks to you both for providing an excellent experience and having such an input on a personal level with the team." 
SD, Prince's Trust team leader, November 2011

"I appreciated that we weren't rushed through it just for the sake of going back to the centre earlier." 
JE, Prince's Trust team leader - July 2011

"You can swap activities depending on the weather/group ability/motivation. Everything feels more relaxed but still brilliantly organised and structured" 
JE, Prince's Trust team leader - July 2011

"You're sat on a bench outside wishing you weren't returning to the real world." 
NW, Prince's Trust Team member, in a postcard to himself - July 2011

"...proved to yourself that you can do anything." 
AT, Prince's Trust Team member, in a postcard to himself - July 2011

"The team enjoyed it. Well ran activity." 
LP, Prince's Trust team leader - May 2011

"Brilliant structure that suited the ability & motivation level of the group." 
JE, Prince's Trust Team leader - February 2011

"Excellent day, can't fault it, wouldn't change it. I'd want it on every residential." 
JE, Prince's Trust team leader on ghyll scrambling. - February 2011