Websites that I've found useful and still use.

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What's it for?Who's it for?WebsiteDescription
What's it for?Who's it for?WebsiteDescription
Activity providers Industry professionals Adventure Activities Licensing Authority Those to whom we answer 
All Industry professionals IOL "Internationally renowned as the keystone for quality in outdoor learning", apparently. 
Caving Industry professionals British Caving Association Local cave leader scheme and CIC. 
Caving Troglodytes UK Caving Forum and information about UK caving. Very useful. 
Caving Troglodytes Derbyshire Caving Association Cave access information 
Caving Troglodytes Peak District Caving Lots of useful and up to date caving information for the Peak. 
Caving Troglodytes UK Caves The longest and deepest caves in the UK and Ireland. 
Caving, climbing and mountaineering Climbers, cavers and hill walkers Hitch'n'Hike My favourite shop in the Peak. 
Caving, climbing and mountaineering. Climbers, cavers and hill walkers. And the hungry. Inglesport My favourite shop, cafe and indoor wall in the Dales. 
Caving, climbing and mountaineering Industry professionals Lyon Equipment Resources Useful information. 
Caving, climbing and mountaineering Industry professionals Leasons Learned Learn from others mistakes 
Caving, climbing and mountaineering People in pain! Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue They need your money. Because one day you may need them. 
Caving, climbing and mountaineering People in pain! Derbyshire Cave Rescue It's all staffed by volunteers. You must have seen their donation box in the shop, put some money in next time. 
Caving, climbing and mountaineering People in pain! Cave Rescue Organisation Donate some money to them, it makes you feel better when you call them out. 
Climbing Beanie clad stick insects Climbing competitions How do I get into competition climbing? Why would I? 
Climbing Climbers Regional Access Database Find out if you are going to get shot before you go climbing. 
Climbing Climbers Climbing walls It's wet, I don't want to play outside. 
Climbing Climbers who want an arguement UK Climbing A lively forum with some genuine knowledge and a lot of trolls. News. Features. 
Climbing and mountaineering Anyone Medical info How do I get rid of that tick? And why is my leg bent at that angle? 
Climbing and mountaineering Climbers and hill walkers Equipment advice from the BMC Is that knot strong enough? 
Climbing and mountaineering Climbers and hill walkers British Mountaineering Council News, information, insurance and lots more. 
Climbing and mountaineering Industry professionals Mountain Leader Training Association The Mountain Leader Training Association is part of MLT, the co-ordinating body for the UK-based mountain training schemes. 
Climbing and mountaineering Industry professionals Mountain Leader Training Mountain Leader Training (MLT) is the co-ordinating body for all the mountain training schemes in the UK, overseeing the training and assessment of around six thousand leaders and instructors. 
Development Young people Prince's Trust Team Course A great programme. 
Lessons in life Anyone Darwin Awards How not to conduct your life 
Mountain biking MTBers Single Track Magazine The best mtb mag. News and forum. 
Mountain biking MTBers Stuart Rider at Riders Cycle Centre If you want bicycle fixed and you're near Skipton, this is the man to see.. 
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